One of the first questions asked of accident and injury compensation lawyers is “what is the value of my claim?”.It is a fair question, and one that should be answered at the beginning of any compensation claim process. However, every case is different and there are a lot of variables to evaluate in an accident or injury case prior to providing a fair estimate of the claim’s potential. Accident and injury claims are resolved between an injured person, a negligent party, an insurer, a compensation lawyer, and possibly the courts.

Here are some important considerations:

Compensation damages are for physical or psychological pain, suffering and inconvenience. To maximise your claim’s potential, you should report all injury symptoms to your doctor, and retain copies of records and receipts wherever possible. Inform your doctor if you are:

  • Unable to work, or only capable of part-time duties

  • Continuing to work in pain in order to support your family or retain your job

  • Experiencing pain performing household and domestic activities

  • Unable to enjoy regular social or sporting activities due to pain

Report all symptoms to your treating doctor on each visit, and continue with regular check-ups to determine recovery progress, or deterioration. Medical and doctor’s reports are an essential component of any accident or injury compensation claim.